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Type your cut contents here.
1.Your name:
Marrisa Christina
2.Age/Sex(for Stamping): 15/female
3.Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, Doing Experiments, Watching TV
4.Your Likes: Games, Science, Science, Science, Math, Games, TV Shows, Science...
5.Your Dislikes: MOBs, BOTs, Lack of Zeny, lack of Beakers, Lack of Money. lolz.
6.In 5 words describe your personality: Energetic, High-tempered, Curious, Chipper,Optimistic.
7.Bad Habits: Perfectionist, (sometimes) Smart Ass, high Tempered (Which lead to kicking and punching my friends with my karate skills)
8.Your strong traits: Caring, Loving, understanding. 
9.Your weak traits: a lot
10.Do You wanted be voted as a girl or guy?(girl/guy/doesn't matter): guy

11.Favorite movies: I Didn't Know That, Mad Labs, Everyday Things, Air Crash Investigation.
12.Favorite Music Genre: Pop, Classical and Rock.
13.Favorite colors: Black, Blue, White.
14.Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chicken and...CHEESE~~!

15.Optimistic or Pessimistic? optimistic
16.Leader or Follower? Leader
17.Introverted or Extroverted?. Umm...extroverted.
18.Benevolent or Selfish? Depends.

19.List 5 Interesting Facts About You:
1.: I've made 30 chars in my RO carrer and I've made 10 different IDs. LOLZ what!
2.: Like to experiment, but 90% failed.
3.: If I'm close 2 someone, I'll never let him/her go.
4.: I like 2 download scientific videos and podcasts.
5.: I always bonk my head inside the swimming pool.
20.Any Parting Words? Rock on!


Post at lease ONE CLEAR picture of you, or describe what you look like:

Just Imagine Miyabi Mingo or Sohee or Munak. Hahahahaha. With glasses.
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