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The Rules aren't all that complicated; just follow them, and you're good to go!

+ Survey Rules +
• Please join the community before posting your application!
• Please, ALWAYS LJ-CUT. Not everyone has a good connection, and large entries eat friend's pages!
• Honesty is important here, remember that!
• Don't intentionally act like a class/character in hopes of being stamped as them. Be yourself!
No posting RO cosplay pictures! They tend to sway people to vote for the character you're dressed as.
• Please put 'Level Up!' somewhere in your subject line to show that you've read the rules.
• If you don't follow the rules, you will have ONE warning to correct whatever you've done wrong, second warning leads to entry deletion, third to community banning.
• Don't spam applications. Post only once, it takes TIME for people to vote!

+ Voting on Surveys +
• In order to vote, you don't have to be stamped, you just need to join the community.
Only vote for 2-1/2-2 Classes please!
• It takes 5 votes of the same class in order to be stamped!
• Don't just base your decision on looks! The Survey answers mean alot too!
• Don't just follow what everyone else says, if you have a different opinion, say so!
• Narrow your choices down to two classes, and BOLD them in your comment.
• If possible, give reasons why you're voting for the class you've picked.
• Be nice! No drama! No flaming. You will be warned ONCE, then banned!

+ Stamped Entries +
• You cannot post any NON-APPLICATION entries until you are stamped!
• Once you are stamped you can post entries as long as images are UNDER LJ CUTS, and the word 'Stamped' is somewhere in the subject line
You may post the following:
          • RO Screenshots of special events (turning 99, finding a rare item, weddings, etc)
          • Ragnarok Fanart that YOU have drawn
          • RO Discussions. Try to keep the drama LOW please!
          • Cosplay pictures

Do not SPAM! Entries will be deleted, and you will get one warning. Failure to listen will lead to banning.
• Do not post Advertisments! Do not post selling entries! Do not post rants! That is what ro_pricecheck and ro_rants is for! All entries Advertising/Selling/Ranting will be deleted, and you will get one warning. If you don't listen, I'll break out the ban stick.

That's about all for the rules! Application info is below, so is Affiliation info, and Promo info!

PS: All images (with exception to Promo Button/Header/Userinfo) belong to Ragnarok/Gravity. If I am using any of your images, and you want to be credited, or have them removed, contact me with proof you are the said artist, and I will remove/credit immediately!

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Note: If you choose to be voted only as a female, the Bard option won't be avaliable. If you choose to be voted as only male, the Dancer option won't be availiable. Chosing 'male' or 'female', or 'doesn't matter' won't effect your STAMP result, your sex will. If you are female/male and want a stamp of the opposite sex, just say so!
PS: This survey won't work in rich-text mode!

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Feel free to make your own stamps too! Once you are a stamped
member of ro_ratings, make a post with your stamps, and I'll be
sure to credit you, and post them here!

The stamp list started to get lonnng, so I've made a seperate entry
for all the stamped members, sorted by Class, and with Applications
avaliable as well. Find it HERE

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