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So what am I?

Hello long time lurker first time post. I hope to know what class I am.

1.Your name: Please just call me Kiya.
2.Age/Sex(for Stamping): 21
3.Hobbies: Reading, Writing, singing, chatting, roleplaying, gaming, and so much more to list.
4.Your Likes: I like a lot of things... I like anime, manga, music a lot of music, Death Note, FMA, Romance stories, Fantasy, Science fiction to some degree, some things I can't list here... but you get the idea.
5.Your Dislikes: I don't think I can list it here... but some pet peeves are being pestured and bothered over trivial things.. drama, and negative things
6.In 5 words describe your personality: Spontaneous, Witty, Complicated, crazy, and friendly.
7.Bad Habits: Nail biting, lip biting, doubting myself, hair pulling, and cheek biting...
8.Your stong traits: Strong willed mind, integrity, Very wild imagination, I have an INTP type mind if that helps anything.
9.Your weak traits: I lack depth in understand people at times. I can be arrogant and very cold hearted despite my friendly persona. I can be serious and at times I end up hurting others.. My contradiction is I am caring yet cruel honest.
10.Do You wanted be voted as a girl or guy?(girl/guy/doesn't matter): Girl please.

11.Favorite movies: Horror films! I love a good scare but I am also a romance geek... as long as the plot is good I don't care! Final Destination is on my list for favorite movies.
12.Favorite Music Genre: Rock, Alternative, and a bit of Metal with pop. I listen to everything.
13.Favorite colors: Black, Green, Blue, dark Red, and white.
14.Favorite Foods: Japanese cuisine, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican.

15.Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic. The world is already pessimistic so need to look up for the positives.
16.Leader or Follower? Leader.
17.Introverted or Extroverted? Introverted
18.Benevolent or Selfish? Benevolent but a little selfish at times.

19.List 5 Interesting Facts About You: I am a klutz, I can sing in Japanese, I can think of a name off the top of my head to use, I am a chatroom hostess on a remote server, and I am a DN obsessed fangirl...
20.Any Parting Words? I wonder what I'll be. XD


Post at lease ONE CLEAR picture of you, or describe what you look like:

I have black coarse yet soft hair with blonde roots. a regular face. pale complexion, hazel gray eyes in certain lighting can look black, green, or blue. I'm afraid I'm not good at describing myself...
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