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Level up! ;D

1.Your name: Bella
2.Age/Sex(for Stamping): 18, female
3.Hobbies: Reading, drawing, gaming, beating the boyfriend with my gm-stick/@nuke (lawl), uhhhh.. sleeping~ :3
4.Your Likes: Art, books, anime, RO, animals.
5.Your Dislikes: math, ignorance, close-mindedness.
6.In 5 words describe your personality: Quirky, sleepy, headstrong, flirty, moody
7.Bad Habits: I'm a bit power-hungry at times and sometimes my guild suffers for it. I can be headstrong to the point of sheer stupidity.
8.Your stong traits: Sense of humor and determination.
9.Your weak traits: uhmm.. I can be quietish and a bit moody.
10.Do You wanted be voted as a girl or guy?(girl/guy/doesn't matter): Girl pls :D

11.Favorite movies: Hmmm.. Most of Miyazaki's movies, and the Harry Potter series.
12.Favorite Music Genre: Rock/Metal pls <3
13.Favorite colors: Purple, black, blue
14.Favorite Foods: Beef, seafood ;D

15.Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
16.Leader or Follower? Leader
17.Introverted or Extroverted? Introverted
18.Benevolent or Selfish? A little bit of both.

19.List 5 Interesting Facts About You:
1. My attention span is comparable to that of a goldfish.
2. I work on a farm with 14 horses and a herd of cattle.
3. I do volunteer work for the local humane society and I intend to go to college to become a veterinary technician.
4. I like to sleep. a lot.
5. I spend way too much time on the internet.

20.Any Parting Words? Nah~


Post at lease ONE CLEAR picture of you, or describe what you look like:
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