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Level Up!

1.Your name: Danielle
2.Age/Sex(for Stamping): 18/Female
3.Hobbies:Swimming, Drawing, Reading, Gaming, Anime, Music
4.Your Likes: Playing the flute, Watching anime, reading books, hangin around w/ friends, Ro, Swimming.
5.Your Dislikes: Math, Writing essays, Following the rules some times.
6.In 5 words describe your personality: Likable, Lovable, Easy going, Friendly, Joker
7.Bad Habits: I have a bad potty mouth, Im excessively lazy when it comes to leveling, i put things off til the last minute
8.Your strong traits: charismatic, funny, likable
9.Your weak traits: shy, quiet, a bit of a space cadet.
10.Do You wanted be voted as a girl or guy?(girl/guy/doesn't matter): either or

11.Favorite movies: American Pie, Animal House, 300, Resident Evil
12.Favorite Music Genre: Punk, Alternative Rock, Rock, Screamo
13.Favorite colors: Red Blue, Hot Pink, Black
14.Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Pocky, Candy :D

15.Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
16.Leader or Follower? Leader
17.Introverted or Extroverted? Extroverted
18.Benevolent or Selfish? Benevolent

19.List 5 Interesting Facts About You: Well, here it goes.
1. I can be a bit of a Control Freak.
2. Im the biggest clutz in the world.
3. Im going to become a History Teacher after College.
4. I got 4 speeding tickets with a week.
5. Im obsessed with Call of Duty: World at War
20.Any Parting Words? No


Post at lease ONE CLEAR picture of you, or describe what you look like:
Alright, you asked for it.

And there you have it :D
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