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-hits a button- Leveled up!

1.Your name: Arien, but I go by Lina 9 times out of 10
2.Age/Sex(for Stamping): 20/f
3.Hobbies: Drawing, reading fantasy, playing guitar, playing video games, going people watching and biking at night.
4.Your Likes: cartoons/comics - anime/manga, music, art, chemisty, astronomy/astrology
5.Your Dislikes: idiots, working, coffee
6.In 5 words describe your personality: Volitile, humerous, caring, scarcastic, confused.
7.Bad Habits: I twitch, I underestimate myself, I bite my cheek, I draw lines in the air mentally when talking to someone I wish I wasn't..
8.Your stong traits: Decently imaginative, fast at reading/writing/typing, good with colours, good with my hands period.
9.Your weak traits: I love shiny things, colours, glowing things, and chocolate.
10.Do You wanted be voted as a girl or guy?(girl/guy/doesn't matter): doesn't matter

11.Favorite movies: Grindhouse or Ginger Snaps
12.Favorite Music Genre: Rock
13.Favorite colors: Any shade of blue, black, green, and darker purples and reds.
14.Favorite Foods: Chocolate, mushrooms, steak

15.Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic for others, pessimistic for myself.
16.Leader or Follower? Rather not lead, but if noone else will lead, I'll step up.
17.Introverted or Extroverted? Introverted until I know my thoughts won't get me into trouble.
18.Benevolent or Selfish? It depends..

19.List 5 Interesting Facts About You:

1. I can't smell anymore.
2. I can lick my nose.
3. I like to dye my hair abnormal colours
4. I wear cat ears during daily-life.
5. I love laughing.
20.Any Parting Words?
Just a sound; la~de~dah!


Post at lease ONE CLEAR picture of you, or describe what you look like:
Think shoulder lenght curly blue/green hair, brown eyes, 5' 7", cat-ear'd girl with more boob than she knows what to do with, and feet big enough to have targets painted on them.
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